Friday, November 21, 2014



Future - there are many new routes in these areas. 

From left to right: Tetris, 5.11a; Gameboy, 5.10a; Pong TR, 5.11+; Clue 5.10c; MIDDLE FINGER AREA: Trivial Pursuit, 5.11+ (climbs the face right up the Middle Finger); Sorry, 5.10+ O/W; Shoots & Ladders, 5.9.

Just a few days ago (Sunday), myself and friends, Daiva Chesonis & Steve Johnson, hiked up with the “big-rack” (all the cams you could want, to get up any natural feature imaginable, drill, anchor bolts and water made up most of the weight). This new area, The Game Wall, is located in Western Paradox Valley on BLM land. We established a new crack route 5.10-, 110’ called Gameboy and a killer face route just to the left of Gameboy, called Tetris, 5.11b, 90’. There are so many new routes to be done here!

Photo of Damon Johnston on FA of Gameboy, 10-, Rack: Camalots x 2 ea. of 0 -- .75, 3 x 1 & 2, and 2 ea. of 3 & 4. Photo by D. Chesonis 2008. The face to the left is Tetris, 5.11b.
So far we only have explored the western most part of the cliff (climbers left). So much more!



CLAY CREEK (Norwood Area)

Y11 Road

 There are several new routes here that were put up after the guide book was published.


Paradox Valley Map